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Source code for toto.clientsessioncache

import hmac
import os
from hashlib import sha1
from toto.session import *
from copy import copy
from base64 import b64encode, b64decode


[docs]class AESCipher(object): '''A convenient cipher implementation for AES encryption and decryption. Create a new ``AESCipher`` with the given ``key`` and ``iv`` that wraps ``Crypto.AES`` but is reusable and thread safe. For convenience, both the ``key`` and ``iv`` may be provided as one string, in which case the last ``AES.block_size`` (16) bytes will be used for ``iv``. ''' def __init__(self, key, iv=None): from Crypto.Cipher import AES self.block_size = AES.block_size if not iv: iv = key[-self.block_size:] key = key[:-self.block_size] self.aes =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv) def encrypt(self, data): diff = self.block_size - (len(data) % self.block_size) return self.aes().encrypt(data + chr(diff) * diff) def decrypt(self, data): decrypted = self.aes().decrypt(data) return decrypted[:-ord(decrypted[-1])]
[docs]class ClientCache(TotoSessionCache): '''A ``TotoSessionCache`` implementation that stores all session data with the client. Depending on use, the session may be sent as a header or cookie. ``ClientCache`` works by storing the encrypted session state in the session ID and decrypting it on each request. When using this method, it is important to keep session state small as it can add significant overhead to each request. ``cipher`` will be used to encrypt and decrypt the session data. It should be identical between all servers in a deployment to allow proper request balancing. ``cipher`` is expected to implement ``encrypt(data)`` and the reverse ``decrypt(data)`` both accepting and returning ``str`` objects. ''' def __init__(self, cipher, hmac_key): self.cipher = cipher self.hmac_key = hmac_key def hmac(self, data): return, data, HMAC_ALGORITHM).digest() def store_session(self, session_data): persisted_data = copy(session_data) del persisted_data['session_id'] encrypted = self.cipher.encrypt(os.urandom(PREFIX_PADDING_SIZE) + TotoSession.dumps(session_data)) return b64encode(encrypted + self.hmac(encrypted), '-_') def load_session(self, session_id): raw = b64decode(session_id, '-_') encrypted = raw[:-HMAC_SIZE] if self.hmac(encrypted) != raw[-HMAC_SIZE:]: raise TotoException(-1, 'Invalid session HMAC') data = self.cipher.decrypt(encrypted) session_data = TotoSession.loads(data[PREFIX_PADDING_SIZE:]) session_data['session_id'] = session_id return session_data def remove_session(self, session_id): pass